Curse of Hank

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2004

I was born on the day Hank Williams died
And his high lonesome voice laid a curse on my life
Moaning like the midnight train lonesome and gone
And I'm left here to live out my life in his songs

A silent falling star, moonlight through the pines
The cry of the whipoorwill chills my spine
I followed the fiddle, I lived every line
I'm living his life and he's living mine

Hank Williams, Hank Williams what did I do to you?
Why do you haunt me when your singin' the blues?
You took my heart and my soul and you wrote them in rhyme
You put my whole life to music in waltz time

Rolling down a lost highway I curse the day
Your cheating heart led me astray
It was the wine and the women that done me wrong
Living my life in a Hank Williams song

So I sit here alone with a tear in my beer
I know who's been haunting me all of these years
Looking back on my crossroads and the bridges I've burned
The voice of Hank Williams always returns