Hotel & Saloon

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2004

There’s an eighteen point elk rack hanging above the door
The boot heels of the dancers have worn grooves upon the floor
The cowboys have been drinking here since the whiskey trading days
Oil booms and drought years passed through the place
There’s a hitchin’ rail out in front and another on the side
A long bar with a brass rail and bottles of rye
The barmaids’ name is Katie and they say she’s eighty proof
There’s a Chinook arch in the West and water pouring off the roof

Ian Tyson is singin’ “Navajo Rug”
Ranchers in the corner are dealin’ five card stud
Coyote is a-howlin’ underneath the moon
Here at the Hotel Saloon

Just past the grain elevator across the railroad tracks
Right next door to the Western Store, saddle and tack
The sign out front says “Home Cooked Meals”, “Rooms Upstairs”
And something else no one can read but nobody seems to care
Oilmen stop from time to time, everybody’s welcome here
There’s hot coffee and buffalo steaks and bottles of beer
There’s a cowboy band on the weekend and all of the hockey games
You could spend a night or spend your life and feel it just the same


Wilf Carter is a favorite here on the worn out jukebox
A two-step or a shuffle or a Rocky Mountain waltz
There’s horseshoes by the fireplace on the wall by the wagon wheel
When the mercury starts falling it warms against the chill
There’s a cowhorse at the rail standing side by side
With a panel track, a horse trailer, and the snowmobiles in line
And it really does get busy here once the sun goes down
And you ought to see it on the long weekend when the rodeo’s in town