Longest Stretch of Road

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2004

Yellowhead Highway, that is my run
I drive a big Freightliner and my work ain’t ever done
I load ‘em up and go, unload, load, load and back again
Back and forth that is my course, this run don’t ever end

Winnipeg to Edmonton
Edmonton to Winnipeg
Either side of Saskatoon that is the longest leg
Eight-hundred-thirteen miles she’s my prairie girl
The longest stretch of road in the world

I drove her in the Wintertime at thirty-eight below
I couldn’t see the road ahead for all the drifting snow
Frozen axle, B-Train, icicles on the door
And even I ain’t ever seen nothin’ like that before


The prairies are my backyard, my home’s a sleeper cab
The blue sky is a friend of mine, you know it ain’t that bad
Here comes another trucker, hey look it’s Whiskey Jack!
Blow the air horn three times and I’ll see him comin’ back



Someday I’ll own a ranch out here on the plains
I’ll get a herd of cattle and I’ll brand them with my name
I’ll build myself a home down by the highway side
Where I can hear the big rigs when they’re rollin’ by