One More Oil Boom

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2004

Give me one more oil boom before I die
Give me one more chance to say goodbye
Hire me on as a derrick hand
Put me to work in the oil sands
One more oil boom before I die

North to Alaska, on the Athabasca
Bering or the Beaufort sea
Black gold hills and the diamond drills
Magic and the mystery
First we had a duster, then we had a gusher
And it never was the same again
Prairie towns and derrick crowns
Oilfield camps and oilfield men


We had a rammy driller and he really was a killer
And he said to the setting sun
“Don’t ever do me wrong when I’m throwin’ on the tongs
Or layin’ a spinning chain on”
Twelve hours on a graveyard tower
Blowout in the middle of the night
Grease and the grime in the summertime
Burn of the rattlesnake bite

Roustabouts and wildcat scouts
Offshore rig on a drilling ship
Catskinners and pipe slingers
Drop the weight on the button bits
At fifty below the steel’s too cold
And the rig it has to shut down
Driller and derrick hand, roughneck, motorman
They’re all goin’ to town



It’s blasting time on the seismic line
Tell me what I want to know
Rush for a piece of the land lease
And the ground that’s down below
There’s a plane to catch for the oil patch
And I’m a gonna be on board
I’m really in a hurry, Fort MacMurray
I’m back for one more