Roadhouse Band

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2008

It’s a long way to Nashville, Tennessee
That’s not even where we’re bound
We’ve been driving all night, we got our sights
Up on the North Saskatchewan
We’re tired and lean from the places we’ve been
And the last one is the last one in line
There’s dust on our faces and decals on our cases
From all of the towns we left behind

Cowboy singers and guitar slingers
In a travellin’ roadhouse band
Last chance on a lost highway
Tourin’ in a Northern land
We’re gonna sing you all our songs
That you ain’t never heard
We’re booked all week long at this bar in Battleford

We’ve been a lot of nights in smoky barrooms
We’ve been a lot of days away from home
There’s a whole lot of lines but not too many lies
In all of the songs that I wrote
Livin’ on the road we’ve always had a code
A show worth playin’ is a show worth playin’ well
Though I guess that we’d admit the closest we’ve been to a hit
Was the night it came to blows behind the hotel



We stood on a stage for a crowd ten-thousand strong
We played on a show where no one came
From the backstage and the back gate along a twisting highway
We played ‘em all and we’ll play ‘em all again
I guess there must be somethin’ way out here with nothin’
Doin’ what we’ve all done for free
As we’re loadin’ out I can say without a doubt
I’m sure hank done it this way