The Great Divide

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2008

The iron struck fire on a Bar U brand
And they’re stretching the wire out across the land
The bridges are burning that run to the past
And there’s smoke in the wind in the Whiskey Gap
On a Porcupine ridge they stood on the crest
They reigned in their mounts and they looked to the West
The great silent peaks they don’t make a sound
The ghost riders cry from the Buffalo Ground

The rivers cut through where the long grass grew
And the North star guards the night sky
The high lonesome ranges have seen all the changes
And the scars that were carved there by time
On the Great Divide

The rainfall from above on the highest ridge
lands on a fulcrum upon where it splits
One drop begins a quest for the coast
Through the trickle and the streams where the groundwater flows
Another drop finds a runoff riverbed
The source at the head of a great watershed
And always onward with the silt and the sand
To the mouth of the basin of Rupert’s Land


Time is a sojourn and the waters stands still
The mysteries aren’t written with parchment and quil
But branded forever on the foothills breeze
Where the wagon ruts cover the first memories
Now there’s an iron horse through the Kicking Horse
And the timberwood trestles on high
From the Yellowstone Park to the Yellowhead Pass
The waters still part where the ancient formations divide