Battle River

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2008

From a phone booth in Des Moines down to his last coin
He placed a call across the Sweetgrass Hills
And her voice crossed over the miles through the telephone wire
And she always took the edge off his chill
“There’s a Norther blowin’ in I missed the short go again
And there’s too much space between me and you
I’ve run this one through and to tell you the truth
I miss the Battle River and you

When his name came around he was nowhere to be found
His trailer pulled out some time ago
That don’t sound like him, but then again
I guess he’d be about halfway home by now
His wheels they hit the gravel, the cattle guard rattled
Her light from the window was shining through
He said “I drove the whole night through, to tell you the truth
I missed the Battle River and you

They walked for a long time all along the fenceline
And down to the bridge in the Aspen trees
The waters they roll away but he’s here to stay
All them roughstock horses set him free
Sometimes you choose what you do and sometimes it chooses you
But take a chance that’ll never come again
I hung and I rattled it through but to tell you the truth
I missed the Battle River and you