Bakersfield Music

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2008

Sittin’ in a bar in Ft. McMurray
Buck, and Merle, and me
The music on the jukebox
Brings us to Bakersfield
For every round there’s another town
And a barroom crowd somewhere
We’re all wishin’ we were long gone
And they’re wishin’ they were here

Merle is lookin’ mighty Haggard
He can’t hardly sleep
The bottle turned him down
And the big city set him free
He got hung up on a woman
Now he’s in a world of pain
Today his favorite memory
Is loving her again


Buck is low ‘cause he is owin’
On all kinds of debt
He’s got a pile of bills so high
He ain’t seen the bottem yet
Close up the honky-tonks
When his money comes in the mail
If he starts actin’ naturally
You’ll have a tiger by the tail


If a sad song could sing you home
Merle would already have cried
And Buck wouldn’t be down on the corner
Waitin’ in the welfare line
But I would still be right here
I ain’t nothin’ like them
I just like a drinkin’ song
It don’t matter where I am