Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2010

I put a hundred thousand dollars in the jukebox
For the education of a wandering man
Wherever a wind of change was blowin’
It always carried me along
And the ladies couldn’t hold me
Though I know they surely tried
But I kept a backdoor open
And I always travel light

They call me the Vagabond but I was always gone
Long before the end of the song
The lonesome roads I traveled down always kept me movin’ on
Down the line behind and always gone
Not knowin’ where I’m goin’
Is the reason I’ve been leaving for so long

I thumbed a hundred thousand miles of road map
Just to get back where I started from
The highway taught me many a paragon
And learned them every one
Always play the hand that you’re dealt
Never bet against the odds
Unless you bet on love
Then wager all you’ve got


I heard a hundred thousand lonely songwriters
And they all wrote the same line
About loving and leaving
And holding on to time
But time is just a moment
And a moment doesn’t last
Throw my ashes to the wind
And forget about the past