Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2010

My hometown is a hockeytown
Out on the edge with nothing around
The newspaper didn’t have any news
The Greyhound bus just rolled on through
The center of town was a corrugated iron arena
In all of my school days I didn’t learn quick
Thinkin’ of the best way to tape my stick
And how to score them goals like Gordie Howe
The bite of the cold air on my face
frozen fingers as I tie the laces
Hockey’s in my blood and hockey is my own true love

I could hardly wait for Saturday
I’d spend all day in a pickup game
Arrive early and I go home late
I did my dreamin’ in my hockey skates
Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr
Were the pictures on my bedroom door
Hockey cards by the crate
I did my dreamin’ in my hockey skates

Frozen lakes and frozen ponds
Backyard rinks, we played ‘em all
Come on and throw your sticks in the middle
Bring along a snow shovel
Let’s clear the ice and let’s call it The Forum
Minor leagues down in the trenches
A high stick and seventeen stitches
Crossin’ my fingers the scouts get a look at me
Sittin’ on the bench brings me to to tears
Foster Hewitt ringin’ in my ears
I can already hear the roar he shoots he scores!


Everybody at home is gonna see me
On hockey night on the CBC
With Don Cherry and Ron Maclean
The players and the Hall of Fame
And all them Sutter boys from out in Viking
I know one day I’ll really go far
I’ll climb aboard the CPR
And ride all the way down to Maple Leaf Gardens
Way out there at center ice
I’ll hold the Stanley Cup up high
Like I already did in my mind a thousand times