Hamilton Steel

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2010

Hamilton Steel, Hamilton Steel
It’s all made out of Hamilton Steel
Railroad rails and automobiles
It’s all made out of Hamilton Steel

In Hamilton and Burlington you can hear the steel mills whine
And there’s a grey Stelco chimney reaching for the sky
Blast furnaces and bar mills where the lakers come and go
On the steel blue-grey waters of Lake Ontario


Iron ore from Superior, limestone and dolomite
The coal and the coke ovens keep the fires burning bright
You know the Golden Horshoe ain’t really made of gold
It’s poured right in a steel mill in billets, bars, and rolls



All across the nation we got a steeltown reputation
They made steel in Cape Breton
They made steel in Sault Ste. Marie
But when you think about The Hammer
Then you’ll think of me

There’s rumours in the roughing mill and rumours in the pickle lines
And way down to the union they’re talkin’ all the time
I guess you must have heard the word all along the escarpment
They’re recasting US Steel and we knew what that meant

So if my days are numbered and it comes to be my time
Weld me up a headstone of your finest galvanized
Lay me down in the ground and tell ‘em what I done
We’ve been making steel here since eighteen sixty one