Sasquatch Hunter

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2010

I’m a-goin’ huntin’ for the Sasquatch
And I’m a-gonna get him just you watch
I’m trackin’ his trail and lookin’ for a notch
And I’m a-goin’ huntin’ for the Sasquatch

I’ve been a trapper and a hunter all of my life
I’ve bagged everything there is at one time
Black bear, mule deer, bighorm rams
Moose and elk and cougar cats
I’ve got dead aim on my trigger pull
Trophy’s on the wall and a deep-freeze full
Taxidermy is my favorite thing
But a ‘Bigfoot’ is somethin’ that I ain’t never seen


I was camped at the end of a logging road
With my leg-hold trap and my compound bow
I think mighta seen him, I got a glimpse
Found a tree rub and a big footprint
It surely was a terrible stench
And my hound dog got hot on the scent
Some say he’s a hoax but I know he’s alive
I had half-a-dozen beers and now there’s only five


I tracked him up to the snowy peaks
Along the ridge and down to the creek
Beyond the fire lookout station
Right through a marijuana plantation
I followed him to the Okanagan Lake
And I found the Ogopogo by mistake
The two of them were sittin’ right there
Smokin’ cigars and drinkin’ my beer


Some say they’re just mythical creatures
But I’m tellin’ you I’m a believer
They taught me to drink and taught me to fish
Now I’m a master at both I guess
Every word is true, my story bears out
Down at the tavern there ain’t no doubt
You shoulda seen all the fish I caught
But nobody was there to see it except the Ogopogo and the Sasquatch...