Beer Hauler

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

I’m the kinda guy that gets around, Whitehorse to Charlottetown
One place that I’ll be found is eatin’ miles with the hammer down
In a Kenworth cab, air-ride throne, sixteen days away from home
Road-dust drying out my bones, tandem trailer, suds and foam
Here and there I make a little detour tear another page from a roadhouse brochure
I’m an all around connoisseur of domestic beer and that’s for sure

Chorus 1:
Canadian, Molson, Catfish, Carling, Kootenay, Kokanee, Steelback, Sterling
Northern, waterloo, Miller, Muskoka, Okanagan, Old, Fifty-five, Niagara
Dominion, Dark, Fort Garry, Wildcat, Pilsner, Granville, Thunder Bay, Labatt
I’m Eastboand to Montreal and I’ve got a load of kegs to haul!

All across, North to South, all the breweries on the route
Pilsner, Lager, Ale, and Stout, get these empties sorted out
Flats and cases, bottles, cans, all the labels, all the brands
That’s one thing I understand, load ‘em up and roll ‘em man
I’m grinding gears and jamming clutch, pop-a-top and bottems up
All the drinkers had enough now they’re gonna have too much

Chorus 2:
Cameron’s, Creemore, Steeler, Lakeport, Griffin, Gritstone, Lucky, Export
Millstreet, Millstone, Sleeman’s, Old Stock, Black Oak, Blue, Budweiser, Big Rock
True North, Brick, Dry, Rickard’s Red, Chilkoot, Coors, Keiths, and Moosehead
I’m Eastboand to Montreal and I’ve got a load of kegs to haul!

My rig is painted red and white and its got my name right on the side
Fill the pitcher’s and the pints, keep the taps a-flowing right
I’m rolling on the Lakehead line and I’m a-running way behind
I’ve got mounties on my mind if they get on someone’s case it better not be mine
I know they’re waiting on me from Newfoundland out to B.C.
So on the road use courtesy and give a beer truck the right of way

Chorus 1

Chorus 2