Train Robbers

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

Corby and the Bar X boys were dealin’ cowboy pitch
In a lean too line shack on the Milk River ridge
The bets were high and the talk was low
When the rounders had to fold
Thirty days out on the plains workin’ wrangler Joe
I ain’t gonna dally cows no more, I’ll tell you what I’ll do
Gonna lay it all out on the line when the mail train rolls through

We’re gonna rob the mail train Regina to Saskatoon
We’re gonna take all the money and make off with the loot
Saddle up our horses and ride for the Cypress Hills
They ain’t gonna find us and I don’t think they ever will

Bill Miner took the Kamloops train across the great divide
But they got him down in Milledgeville doing hard time
The West is hard as nails but there’s hope in horseshoes
And I hear tell of a baggage car of money rolling through
We’re heading North to Pile’o’bones, we’re gonna stake it all
So cinch your saddles tight boys, we’re running from the law

There’s blood on the cinders and smoke on the tracks
With hundred dollar bills in the saddle bags
They blazed a trail a mile wide down across the line
With the sands of the hourglass running short of time
The bourbon that they drank was the best they ever tasted
They spent their money on wild women and the rest they just wasted



Down in South Dakota on a twist of fate
A Palomino horse with a leg bone break
They laid out the drover and folded up his arms
With a jack-of-diamonds playing card underneath his palm
Below the barbed wire on the back fourty
The mounties always get their man
And don’t play cards with Corby