Canadian Cowboy

Words & Music by Danny Mack
Copyright Dakotamack Inc. 2003

(Tim Hus has altered some of Danny Mack's
original lyrics with his permission)

I’m not Garth Brooks that’s plain to see
I ain’t ever even been down to Tennessee
And another Alan Jackson I am not
But this is something special that I got:

I’m a Canadian cowboy singing you my songs
And if you feel it in your heart join in and sing along
We’ll sing about Alberta, we’ll sing of Saskatoon
I’m a Canadian cowboy howlin’ at the moon

I’ll never be a big star so they say
Because I won’t move on down to the U.S.A
They say Nashville- that’s the only way to win
But you gotta sound like an American when you sing


I’ll never get on the Grand Ol’ Opry show
But I might get to sing in Calgary at the rodeo
And if I keep singing and keep on keeping on
I might get to be a star like Stompin’ Tom