Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

I came across the border with a posse on my tail
Trying to get back to the fork in the road where I first lost my trail
I left an empty bottle and a good hand in a stolen getaway car
Running down the road with a poker chip and a twenty-five cent cigar

In a nineteen twenty-three Buick six with a fender gone in back
I’m the best of the rumrunners up in the Crowsnest Pass

From Blairmore to Coleman right on down the line
The police kept a road-block check-stop over on the Fernie side
I got Black Mare whiskey in the back seat and a whole lot more in the truck
And the boys down at the Frank Hotel can hardly wait to get drunk



The prohibition years, you know, they surely took their toll
And a workin’ man can’t live, it’s true, on food and water alone
Moonshine stills up in the hills and the law couldn’t make ‘em quit
So I fill my car with opportunity and then I run with it



I was born with a chip on my shoulder
I’m the scar on my family tree
From the cradle to the grave I’ve been a step away
From the penetentiaryI outrun the A.P.P. I stay one step ahead
And I made my fortune in demon rum in the Rocky Mountain West


I’m the last of the rumrunners up in the Crowsnest Pass
I’m the king of the rumrunners up in the Crowsnest Pass