Huskies & Husqvarnas

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

There’s a caribou wind blowing from the North
The Peace River springs from its source
A bush pilot flies a course – for the bull camps
The raven cries and the loon calls
Indian summer in the early fall
Black bear rug hanging on the wall
The trap line is set, the cord wood cut
Racks in the smokehouse all filled up
Fresh game on the backs of the hunter’s trucks

Where Huskies and Husqvuarna’s
Are the tools of the trade
With the Kodiaks and the cougar cats
Staking out a claim
The magnetic needle guides the way
To the barrens and the Arctic Straits
And chainsaws and sled dogs
They won’t let you down
A thousand miles North of a 100 Mile House

Chilkoot graves in the days of old
Gravel in the riverbed heavy with gold
Wolverine tracks in the silence of the snow
Hear the lead dogs ‘neath the Northern lights
The muskeg roads are a bridge of ice
And the glaciers creeping closer all the time
There’s a moose in the timber frail and old
He’s growing weak and the wolves are close
They leave behind nothing but his bones


The trappers and the traders tell
How they came for the beaver pelts
And found the seeping sands at Norman Wells
In the dark of night out on the road
There’s shining eyes and dark shadows
A few remaining woodland buffalo
See the stories of the Northern Route
In the eyes of the malamute
And the spirit of the great bear stands true