Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

She’s a Fort Macmurray woman through and through
She’s got that wild rose attitude
I’m bead hand on a welding torch and my heart gets burned every time
She’s a crude oil woman but she is so refined
Athabasca down to Hardisty
Thirty thousand barrels every day

She’s a pipeline baby and I don’t mean maybe
There’s nothing that she can’t do
She’s a real go-getter and there ain’t no better
Caterpiller driver on this crew
Steel toed boots and a dirty hard hat
She’s grinding the gears on a D-9 Cat
She’s got a hold on my heart and I can’t say no
Open up the valves and let the pipeline flow

Way down in the crud and the mud digging out a trench
Stringing the sections end to end hauling on the winch
When it comes to true love I ain’t the kind that’s ever really had any kind of luck
I’ve been dumped more times than a mainline gravel truck
They talk about her all the way to Marianna Lake
And one long look at her is all it takes


I guess I gotta go now and fill up the diesel tanks
I gave her my all and now I just give her my thanks
I’m just a welder and it looks like the sparks ain’t ever gonna fly for me
I’ve been workin’ on her since June and it’s comin’ on May
Everybody on the pipegang’s got an eye on her
She’s a bulldozer beauty and that’s for sure