Western Star

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

I’m pulling out on the long haul
Rollin’ my rig out of Cornwall
Blow my smoke in the morning sun
I’m loaded and a-rollin’ on the 401
Oshawa, Kingston, Hogtown, London
I took ‘er through T.O. ain’t that something
Kitchener, Chatham, Windsor, Detroit
I’m an owner-operator I’m self-employed

I’m a two-way teamster transport truckin’
Diesel demon double clutchin’
Makin’ my way along every highway wherever you are
I’m a white line wrangler wheeling my wide load in my Western Star

They say that a cat has nine lives
Well, I might be part feline
I could have had a tombstone a lot of times
But I always came through alright
I recall a roll-over wreck
On an icy road up in Quebec
I guess that the Saints in La Belle Province
Mont donne une autre chance


Someday when I reach the end of my line
I’ll jake brake and say goodbye
Leave my liner and head for a lake
My rod and my reel is the rig I’ll take
In the Muskoka’s I’ll be easy to fine
I’ll be pulling out the pickerel two-at-a-time

If truckin’ is a fever I caught it
Whatever you got a big truck brought it
By a guy on the fly rolling high the way I do
I’m a tractor twister behind a windshield
Pull out my pistons, ready for a rebuild
Trying to get back to the last time I just came through