Short Go Shuffle

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

Leanin’ on a split rail fence
Thought I might take a chance
Threw a loop and wound up with a star
She was only passing through
And I was a much younger fool
Placed my bets before I drew my cards

Our romance started out just fine
We crossed the borderline
Love can be a temperamental thing
For a while we had it right
Her and I and a Featherlite
How was I to know she’d always win?

Buddy, don’t fall for a barrel racer
You’ll spend your life tryin’ to chase her
She’s already got a horse trailer in tow
She’ll break your heart as a matter of course
And every song you sing about horses
Won’t bring her back – don’t I know

Round a cloverleaf she made her turns
I had lessons yet to learn
Know the odds before you go all in
When we finally made the break
I lost my share of the take
I’m an empty handed gambler, my friend


I see by the look that’s in your eyes
You won’t heed my advice
I offer you my insight all the same
It’s true I really ought to know
This is not my first short go
Due to horses and divorces I’m no longer in the game

I’ve sung every song about horses
She’s long gone - don’t I know