Pheasant Huntin' Day

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

My name is Jäger I’m a huntin’ dog
Fowl and fare that’s my job
Geese and ducks and grouse and quail
There ain’t no turkey I can’t tail
I get excited and all worked up
When they’re loading up the truck
I start to bark and I start to bay
When I catch sight of orange blaze

It’s a pleasant pheasant huntin’ day
Over the fields and far away
Where the ringneck rooster’s roost
Set me free and turn me loose
Put a feather in your past
There’s no present like a pheasant in the prairie grass

When the morning air is brisk
I just live for a day like this
I came out here as a little pup
To the cattails by the railroad track
See that pointer getting hot
I’ll be the one to flush ‘em out
I like partridge and ptarmigan
I was bred for huntin’ upland game


I have often heard it said
Man might be a dog’s best friend
Ace and ace two-of-a-kind
Who’s the Catcher in the Rye?
Two-pair and a straight flush
Find ‘em in the underbrush
King and Queen and one-eyed Jack
You bring ‘em down I’ll bring ‘em back

When the sun is going down
We’re all heading back to town
Pull up at the water hole
Take a drink and rest our bones
There’ll be lots of tales to tell
Of fine friends and shotgun shells
I’ll curl up and go to sleep
Dream a dream of running free