Church of Country Music

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

I’m just a singer standing on a stage
Following the footsteps of those who led the way
When the dance floor is busy I sell a lot of beer
In the barrooms and the honky-tonks fifty weeks a year
I do the favourites everybody knows
Two-steps and waltzes and a whole lot that I wrote
It’s after midnight and Saturday is gone
It’s Sunday morning, I’m drunk, so here’s a gospel song:

In the Church of Country Music
There’s an alter in the sky
This is where we come to praise
The singers throughout all time
Above the voices of the great ones
There is a throne
In the Church of Country Music
We believe in George Jones

I’ve been playing Possum all night long
If it weren’t for last call I’d sing ‘till dawn
The race is on just to do you every song I know
But unlike my hero: I never miss a show
I say a prayer every time I step out in the lights
Thank you for the music and may I treat it right
Bless the boys in the band they’re everything I’ve got
When it comes to music I’m strictly orthodox


Freedom of religion that is your choice
Bow down your head or raise up your voice
You might be a believer or maybe you don’t know
In the end you’ll have to find your answer on your own
I have a creed to which I stand true:
I’ll never sing seven songs without a hurtin’ tune
I’ve made peace with the music that I chose
Forgive me Merle Haggard but I believe in Jones
Forgive me Hank Williams but I believe in George Jones