Halifax Blues

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

Bartender, bartender, I just hit town
Whatever you set up I’m gonna drink it down
All that I feel is grief and misery
There ain’t no doubt my south shore girl got the best of me

Bartender, bartender, I’m drinking beer
Alexander Keith: he used to be the mayor
Sometimes I think they should have named the pale ale after me
Whenever I run hard aground I always end up here

I’m back to the bottle and the barstool
Battling the blues in a Barrington Street bar
Back to the bottom with the blues and I got ‘em
And there ain’t nothing half as hard
It all fades away when the fiddles play
And it’s almost good to be back
There ain’t nothing better for a broken heart
Than a Barrington Street bar in Halifax

Bartender, bartender, don’t run me dry
All of them sad songs they make me cry
The atmosphere right in here, let me make it clear:
If the whole harbour went sky high you’d still find me sitting right here


Bartender, bartender, it’s closing time
Got to settle up and move on down the line
I don’t even have a dollar for the Macdonald Bridge
There ain’t no use I’m telling the truth and the truth is what it is