Forgotten Sailor

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

A sailor has no grave you can stand upon the shore
Hear the breakers rolling on the tide for evermore
You can’t lay a flower bouquet on an ocean wave
You may mourn and cry but a sailor has no grave

We sailed away on the fifth of May from a Nova Scotia port
In a time when the grey Atlantic was a battlefield of war
Convoys and escorts were the order of the day
Somewhere out there a wolf pack lay waiting beneath the waves

England is an island, an empire in the sea
Her trade routes are the waters, her pride the navy fleet
Down below there’s a hunter, their prey a tonnage war
No Allied vessel’s safe from harm from the Arctic to the Azores


The shipyards and the chandleries they laid them down
Some three hundred hulls named for every town
In the mid ocean battles they answered to the task
Gallant little escorts: corvettes of the flower class

Through the Western Approaches in the pale moonlight
Our tanker torpedoed and a great blaze of fire
Our convoy unveiled, we feared for our fate
Neptune knew my number when I signed my name

I’m a forgotten sailor forsaken by time
Drowned in the deep when I was in my prime
Remembered by no one I never was missed
I’m a forgotten sailor from the Battle of the Atlantic