Hardcore Apple Picker

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

Hardcore! Hardcore!
Hardcore apple picker from the Okanagan
One by one out here in the sun
I’m one of the ones who gets the fruit pickin’ done
In the Okanagan

Summer, Sunrise, Honey Crisp
Macintosh and Granny Smith
Spartan, Sinta, Royal Gala
Ambrosia, Braeburn, Nicola
All day long and in my dreams
All I see are rows of trees
Pick ‘em, pack ‘em, put ‘em in a crate
And ship ‘em to the U.S.A.


I hitch-hiked out from Quebec
Just to see what I could pick
Somewhere in all them seeds
I picked her and she picked me
I fell off a ladder rung
When I found out where she was from
Pulling stems and singing French
On the Naramata Bench


I’d rather be out sitting in the shade
Watching sailboats out on the lake
With a Quebecois girl by my side
Sharing a bottle of sparkling wine
I’m in an orchard out in the sun
Pickin’ them fancy’s by the tonne


Cider, vineger, sauce, and juice
You know them bins are four by two
Shipper, packinghouse, and dealer
Waiting for a paddle wheeler
Even the S.S. Sicamous
Never made it to Osoyoos

I did find a love one time
On the irrigation line
She still makes my heart race
When I see empty bins and crates
Nothing in the world is quite as fine
As apple blossom time


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