Marietta Miner

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

Out here on the Great Plains there’s an ocean of wheat
And the grain pool elevators are the highest thing you’ll see
Way out on the harvest the sun is shining down
But no one thinks of me way down underground

Doin’ time in a potash mine
There ain’t no sun in Saskatchewan
There ain’t no sun and there ain’t no light at all
I’ve been asked many times before
What do they use potash for?
I’m a Marietta Miner to the core

Analyzer, fertilizer
I don’t want to idolize her
A muck hound makes the meters straight away
The catacombs go on and on
It’s hot down here the whole year long
Room and pillar mining all the way

I don’t even have a past
I was here when they sunk this shaft
I didn’t come I’ve been here all along
I don’t know it ain’t my fault
I just like the taste of salt
I’m all made right from Potassium


I’m a Marietta Miner that’s for sure