Cattlerack Cadillac

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2008

I bought a farm truck at an auction and it must’ve been my lucky day
’Cause I bid a hundred dollars - they told me fifty if I haul it away
It didn’t look like much just a pick-up truck with the seams all comin’ apart
But I changed the oil and a gasket seal and I gave it a brand new start

It’s a Fargo frame with a stepside box and a fuel pump from a Dodge
I stripped the struts off a flatbed that was sittin’ up on blocks
Spare checker plate and a tailgate and I rigged up a custom mount
For a Coup De Ville hood ornament that I had layin’ around

It’s a Cadillac with a cattlerack
A winch in the front and a hitch in the back
Rusty old rig with retread tires
All held together with baling wire
I like ridin’ in a pick-up truck
I got a horseshoe on the dash and it brings me luck

seed sacks, oats, and flax, a post pounder and some barbed wire
A hydraulic jack and a jerry can, a crow bar and some barbed wire
There’s empty tins and tools and things all scattered on the floor
And it all lands at my baby’s feet when she opens up the door

There’s a rack for a rod and a rifle up back behind the seat
and the market value doubles when I fill it up with gasoline
It’s a grouse hunters dream come true you can ice fish through the floor
And warm up a can of soup on the exhaust manifold



What is the most important part of an automobile?
An old timer once told me “It’s the nut that holds the wheel”
There’s horsed in a three thirteen, three speed column shift
I’ve replaced all the moving parts and some that never did

So here I go down the road, it’s a rusty, rattlin’ ride
But the price of a brand new pickup is damn sure out of sight
And if I get stuck out in the rain with my thumb out in the wind
I used to own a Volkswagon Van so I guess I’m used to it



I’m anxious to know just how far a Fargo will go…