Hockey Mom

Words & Music by T.C. Connors
Copyright Crown-Vetch Music

When I was young I do recall
I’d go to school in the early fall
But on the days where there was no school
I learned to play by a different rule
Get out of bed you sleepy head
My hockey mom would say
Grab your skates and don’t be late
There’s a hockey game today
And dear old dad was feeling bad
because he couldn’t come
He had to go to work and so
I took my orders from my hockey mom

And then we drove to the rink in town
And I’d hit that ice by falling down
And then I’d score for the other team
You could hear my mom stand up and scream
Get off that ice I told you twice
To skate the other way
And every year she bent my ear
Until I learned to play
And when my stick got pretty quick
And the puck to me would come
Each time I scored I knew for sure
Where the loudest cheer was from my hockey mom

And then one day a stranger came
From far away and he took my name
And very soon for the NHL
I came to play, Mom came to yell
“Get on the puck and stir things up
Show some winning pride”
And every time she’d say that line
I’d shoot that puck inside
And here’s my dad all Mister Glad
He knew this day would come
We’re all lined up for the Stanley Cup
And the tears are rolling from my hockey mom