Canadian Pacific

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2010

Down at the depot
Standin’ in the rain
Lookin’ down the track
Waitin’ for the train
Feelin’ the same way
So many have before
Pioneers, prime ministers,
And soldiers from war

Canadian Pacific take me away
All across the land on Van Horne’s Railway
Out in the Dominion, somewhere in the night
Steel rail takes me home one more time

The last iron spike
Sea to shining sea
John A. Macdonald
And the national dream
High in the canyons
Hear the hammers ring
Making a mainline
of diesel and steam


Through Selkirks and snowsheds
The “Big Hill” and Field
Building your bridges
And blasting the shield
Pulp and paper
Timber, grain, and ore
From Waterfront station
To the Atlantic shore

When my life is over
At the Great Divide
Send my last request
Down the telegraph wire
Scatter my ashes
On the rolling boxcars
And I’ll ride away
On the C.P.R