Talkin' Saskatoon Blues

By Tom Wilson

Gather around friends and I'll sing you a tune
About a sweet little fruit called the Saskatoon
Plump and purple it's a fine little berry
Grows wild on the Canadian prairie
Profusely born on a tough little shrub
It's the favorite fruit of the Audubon club
Who flock to the fields and provincial parks
To ogle the warblers and the meadow larks
That perch in the thickets on feathery tushes
Eatin' them berries right out of the bushes

I was out hiking in the country air
When I had an adventure I would like to share
I was down in a coulee on a hot afternoon
Pickin' a bucket full of Saskatoons
When out of the glare of the sun on high
I felt the swoop and I heard the cry
Of a big ol' hawk with a tail so red
Talons skimmin' the top of my head
Scared the livin' daylights out of me
It was a dive bombing Kamakazee bird...

I hit the dirt and I was flat on my back
Watching him circle for the next attack
And I found my wits and a big ol' stick
And I dared Ol' Red to repeat that trick
Sure enough he went into a dive
I lost my nerve and man alive
I slipped on a stone as he closed for the kill
I went head over bucket down the side of that hill

Put 'em in a pie, put 'em in a jam
Put 'em in a sauce with your holiday ham
Eat 'em fresh right out of your hand
There's nothing like a Saskatoon
Make a little tart, make a little wine
Get a little happy around suppertime
Pull of the road at the U-pick sign
There's nothing like a Saskatoon

Saskatoon picking is a labour of love
But your eye on the sky above
Where clouds drift and robins sing
Danger soars on silent wings
High above the summertime prairie
Gaurding that humble Saskatoon berry

If the truth about that hawk be told
I guess the reason he acted so bold
Was he was a she just doing her best
To warn me away from her young one's nest
I like berries and I like birds
I like melodies and I like words
And I hope some day when you are up some trail
Filling up your berry pail
You'll recall and start to croon
This little song about the Saskatoon