Words & Music by Tim Hus & Corb Lund
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

Dually diesel pulling hard with a horse trailer in tow
Montana side of sweetgrass and I’m a headin’ home
Cattle pens and feed lots and a worn out saddle horn
Bronc Riders and team ropers huskin’ Taber corn
The roads get better every time I cross North of fourty-nine
I tip my hat and it’s good to be back across the Medicine line

Hurtin’ Albertan with nothing more to loose
Too much oil money and not enough booze
East of the Rockies and West of the rest
I do my best to do my damndest and that’s about all I guess

Pocket worn out of my jeans, hand tooled cowboy boots
The long grass of the foothills grows right down to my roots
I’m a diamond driller and I done my time knocking doubles down
I’m a gopher hunting champion, I’m the roughest neck around
Drinkin’ Pilsner beer and eatin’ Longview Jerky
And I always give a little wink when I’m talking to the ladies


Dark haired barrel racers always get the best of me
And I take a chance to buy a dance with a Brooks rodeo queen
She’s a diamond in the rough but she don’t shine it’s true
When she’s cussing at the Derrick she’s Alberta Crude
And the buckaroos from the hoodoos keep a sharp blade on their knife
’cause the battles of Alberta aren’t always on the ice


The roads are paved with black gold and the big sky overhead
The chinook blows and the wild rose and the Rocky Mountan West
Way out past the Buffalo Jump and Writing On Stone
So long port of entry now its good to be back home
That’s my cowboyography just like Tyson said
Son-of-a-gun that’s where I’m from and I will be ‘till I’m dead