Flin Flon

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2006

Flin Flon is a hard rock town
Workin’ like a mole in a hole in the gound
Lay my headstone down zinc-copper mine
As sure as I’m from Northern Manitoba
You won’t ever find me sober
When the sun goes down on this sulfide town

Time cards in and out, tags on the board
Say a little prayer to the Lord
Then I cage on down in a cold dark mine
Leanin’ heavy on a pressure drill
I got twenty-nine holes of rock to kill
Doing my time in a hard rock mine

Set ‘em up and drink ‘em down
I’ve been here way too long
I got a mine shaft running right through my heart
I gave my all and it made me poor
The blood in my veins is Copper ore
And a tipple and a smelter tore my soul apart



Some day when I leave it all behind
And the sun no longer burns my eyes
I’ll stare on over at a mountain of slag
For every rock on a great big hill
I got a pain in my back and I always will
And the time I put in I ain’t ever getting out again