Madawaska River

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

Follow my heart up the mighty Madawaska
That’s where I found her that’s where I lost her
Run on Bonnechere and Petawawa
I’ll always remember the first time I saw her
What I wouldn’t do just to hold her again
Follow that river all the way to Algonquin

Champlain came for the fur trade
And he took a good look around
It was a great green valley with a river running through
Well, it might be heaven I’ve found
All of them trees as far as you can see
Somebody opened up a sawmill
You can hear the lumberjacks with the big broad axe
All the way to the Gatineau Hills

It’s fast and it flows like a fiddle tune
That’s running through my mind
Over the rocks and the rapids
Along the Opeongo Line
The moose and the goose and the caribou
In an empire so vast
You know they say they came all this way
Just to try and find a beaver felt hat


On a valley farm there’s a timber barn
That’s leaning to the past
In every saddle of the dovetail joints
You can still see the mark of the adze
By swift canoe you can follow through
And take her where she goes
Touch a paddle to the water and you’ll never forget her
Take it from someone who knows


From the log jams to the hydro dams
I wouldn’t hold any regrets
They’re still drinking ‘em down at Bytown
At the Chateau Lafayette
Running it’s course down from the source
Changing over time
Only water knows where a river flows
And you’ll never touch one twice