Wild Rose Waltz

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

There’s pick-ups in the parking lot the full moon is bright
There’s a dance at the range road hall tonight
The band’s tuning up and they’re stocking the bar
The ranchers are coming from near and far
If you fall in love here that’s nobody’s fault
Won’t you dance with me to a buckin' horse waltz?

It’s Saturday night in Alberta
Everyone’s doing alright
The four winds they blow
And the second cut grows
Springtime comes slow
And the foothills they roll
The steel guitar cries and the fiddle replies
The Rockies are always there on our left side -
Everyone’s doing alright
On a Wild Rose Saturday Night

Wild Bill Peyto could have told you a tale
Of the Pikani pow-wows and the Burgess Shale
The Battle and the Bow and the Bighorn
Athabasca, the Peace, and the Oldman
Follow a river from the glacier’s last stand
Down the incline towards Palliser’s land

The cowboys at Stettler are leaning on a rail
Talking about Daines and the simmental sale
Hot irons are branding along twenty-two
It ain’t water they’re drinking at Water Valley Saloon
The Chuckwagon driver’s, they all can agree
It was a hell of a year at Ponoka Stampede


There’s a number on a sweater that’s hanging up high
From the rafters of a roof on Wayne Gretzky Drive
Northern lights haunt the Saddle Hills
Bitumen and bovines are paying the bills
In Cardston and Crowsnest they’re still trying to find
A place or a trace of the Lost Lemon Mine