Master Caster

Words & Music by Tim Hus
Copyright Tim Hus Music 2013

I’m a fisherman through and through
Had a reel in my hand since I was two
Got a largemouth when I was five
Set a world record without trying
Lures and spoons and shiny things
You ought to see the tackle box I bring
I guess I’ll say it like this:
I have a gift for hookin’ fish

I’m a master caster, drifter, wader
Tackle troller, trout slayer
Walleye wrangler, steelhead angler
Bass master spincaster, high ender, rod bender
Fly tier for hire, catch ‘em where I can
I’m an ocean, lake, stream, pond, slough,
River, reservoir, and dam fine fisherman

I’ve caught everything you can catch
It’s a mighty list so please don’t ask
I broke a lot of scales in my day
Most of my fish are too big to weigh
If you think I’ve gone overboard
Spinning tales never heard before
I’ll give you my guarantee
I’m a living legend in the lake country


Fishermen and politicians they are both hard to trust
They bend and stretch and stack the facts, nobody knows how much
Pound for pound when it comes down to whose tongue is more loose
Us fishermen have honour: we are bound to tell the truth

So here’s wishin’ for good fishin’
Tight lines and good times
If you land a trophy in your net
You’ll have a day you won’t forgot
If you break a line it’s just as well
Then you’ll have a large one to tell
The best story at the end of the day
Is always about the one that got away


And that’s the truth…